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Booking Policies?

Choquequirao Trek Company. promulgates its terms and conditions for any kind of trip, trekking, Machu Picchu Tours, hiking, and other services being operated so far by the company. The terms and conditions set forth will bring forward its limitations before any interested visitor advances for the programmes alluded

  • On registering for the tour, passengers accept the General Booking Conditions and Payment Method, as well as the norms, rules and guarantees of Choquequirao Trek described in this document.
  • Choquequirao Trek cannot absolutely guarantee participants safety. We cannot be held responsible for personal injury or for client’s belongings, equipment lost or damaged.
  • Choquequirao Trek reserves the right to cancel or change any trip due to river, road, weather conditions, or political climate. We also reserve the right to cancel any trip due to client unsuitability because of age, ill health, poor fitness, intoxication etc.
  • Any missed tours due to the above listed incidences (eg weather conditions or political climate) cannot be refunded or recuperated.
  • Choquequirao Trek reserves the right to cancel the passenger’s place on a tour if they have not paid the total sum of the tour 24 hours prior to departure, UNLESS the passenger has made an alternative arrangement with Salkantay Trekking staff.
  • Choquequirao Trek operate all their own treks but reserves the right to work with other agencies under extenuating conditions. 
  • In the case where damages are caused to third parties, all the expenses claimed from Choquequirao Trek that originate from the above-mentioned incident will be charged to the client, who will have no right to later claims.
  • When a passenger cancels their trip, the refund shall be according to the decision taken by Choquequirao Trek, according to the General Booking Conditions.
  • If you wish to travel on or during a special Peruvian holiday or on an election day there will be a slight increase in your trip cost.  This is because people are fined in Peru if they don´t vote. So if your trek occurs during election time, we will use this increased cost to pay staff a bonus so they can pay their fines.
  • Change Policy – If you wish to change the date of departure/ and or route of your trek after making the reservation/deposit, there will be a $50 per person fee to make the change, except if the change is made in the 48 hours prior to the trek, when the change will cost $100 per person.

Terms of booking for treks.

  • You have to Deposit $200 non refundable deposit on booking for Choquequirao treks.
  • Full payment is required 48 hrs prior to departure –failure to do so or organise an alternative payment system can result in CANCELLATION of your tour.
  • Cancellation up to 24 hours prior to departure, 10% refund of the total tour price.
  • Cancellation in the 24 hours prior to departure, no refund
  • If we arrive on the morning of the tour and you are ill, hungover or generally indisposed and cannot travel Choquequirao Trek will not refund the price of your tour. Depending on the circumstances, we may try to substitute an alternative tour but this remains at the discretion of Choquequirao Trek staff and on the situation.


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Choquequirao Trek Packages

Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Trek Short
4 Days / 3 Nights

On this hiking on the bottom of the mountain gods is traveling through the time and using the real pilgrim trail which is connect to the Peruvian cost to transport food and communicates with others...

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Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Trek Classic
5 Days / 4 Nights

This shorted trek is organized for who doesn’t have enough time and to do a good speed, all the trail is 50 km aprox. if you decide come over the mountains contact with us!!!!...

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Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Trek Imperial
8 Days / 7 nights

Less is known about the Choquequirao this expedition will take you to two of the major archaeological sites in the Cusco-area: CHOQUEQUIRAO and MACHU PICCHU...

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